Laser eye surgery in Auckland
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Get iLASIK Eye Surgery in Auckland:
No matter where you live in NZ

When it comes to eye surgery, you want to be sure you see an experienced specialist. So if you’re looking for laser eye surgery in Wellington, Hamilton, Christchurch, or anywhere else in NZ, you may want to consider travelling to Eye Institute in Auckland for your procedure.

And you don’t have to travel to Auckland for your assessment if you live in Tauranga, New Plymouth or Palmerston North, because we hold a free laser assessment clinics here. Find out more >

At Eye Institute, you’ll benefit from the most advanced vision correction technology available, as well as experienced eye doctors, a dedicated eye clinic and high quality eye care. Eye Institute is clearly an excellent choice for your laser eye surgery.

And with our unique travel package for iLASIK patients who live outside Auckland, you can still enjoy all the benefits of iLASIK at Eye Institute, wherever you live in NZ.

Free accommodation & local post-op care
when you have your lasik laser eye surgery in Auckland

We feel strongly that the advanced technology and high quality eye care offered by Eye Institute should be available to everyone in New Zealand, regardless of where you live.

Our unique travel packages for iLASIK patients who live outside Auckland, mean you can now enjoy all the benefits of Eye Institute care, even if you live elsewhere in NZ. You won’t have to worry about the cost and hassle of finding accommodation in Auckland, nor will you have to travel back to Auckland for post-op care.

iLASIK Travel Packages include:

  • Fast track eye surgery - spend just one (or two nights) in Auckland - depending on appointment and theatre availability
  • Free overnight accommodation in a comfortable nearby lodge
  • Local post-operative care provided by your optometrist where you live

Cost of iLASIK Travel Packages

The cost of your iLASIK surgery in Auckland is no different from the cost of the surgery for anyone else. The only additional costs you’ll need to cover are your travel to and from Auckland, and any living expenses you incur while you are here. But your surgery, accommodation and post-operative care are all provided under the normal price of your iLASIK surgery.

Please Note: This travel package is limited to iLASIK laser eye surgery patients only, and does not include laser-cataract surgery.

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