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New Zealand Save Sight Society

June 8, 2020 -

The New Zealand Save Sight Society was started by a group of New Zealand ophthalmologists in 1966, initially called the NZ Society for the Prevention of Blindness. 

Eye Institute join the fun at Round the Bays

March 10, 2020 -

On Sunday our Eye Institute team and family members partook in Round the Bays, New Zealand's largest fun run with over 29,000 happy participants! 

Meet the Visionaries Q&A with Dr Leo Sheck

March 3, 2020 -

Eye Institute's Dr Subbiah implants first Alcon Vivity intraocular lens in New Zealand!

January 23, 2020 -

Meet the Visionaries - Dr Shanu Subbiah

December 16, 2019 -

Eye Institute surgeons selected to trial the commercial implantation of the Alcon Vivity.

November 26, 2019 -

Annual Optometry Conference

November 20, 2019 -

Meet the Visionaries - Dr Adam Watson

August 21, 2019 -

Meet the Visionaries Q&A with Eye Institute surgeon Dr Ben LaHood

August 8, 2019 -

Meet the Visionaries Q&A 

Dr Jay Meyer -Visionaries

July 30, 2019 -