Why Eye Institute for eye surgery in Auckland?
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About Auckland's Eye Institute

Eye Institute is New Zealand’s number one provider of eye surgery and ophthalmic care, offering patients the latest vision correction technology, first class eye care and Australasia’s highly experienced eye doctors and surgeons.

With locations throughout Auckland, Eye Institute is an exceptionally well-equipped eye clinic in New Zealand, and the main Central Auckland Eye Institute clinic features the very first ‘day-stay’ eye hospital of its kind.

History of Auckland’s Eye Institute – leading the way

Eye Institute can trace its beginnings back to 1992, when its founders – Dr Bruce Hadden (retired), Dr Tony Morris (retired) & Dr Peter Ring – joined together to bring state-of-the-art laser eye surgery to New Zealand.

With a shared view that this new and exciting technology was the future of vision correction, Eye Institute’s founders pooled their resources to buy the equipment they needed to carry out PRK – the most advanced laser vision correction procedure at the time.

Not long after, in July 1992, the very first laser eye surgery procedures were carried out in New Zealand by Eye Institute surgeons, at least three years before anyone else in the country would offer the same procedure.

In 1995, the three doctors combined their separate practices into one superior Auckland eye clinic. And on 24th February 1995, the Governor General of New Zealand officially opened the doors to the Remuera Eye Clinic – as Auckland’s Eye Institute was then known.

Since opening in 1995, Eye Institute has treated over 150,000 patients, and carried out over 60,000 laser eye surgery procedures. This makes Eye Institute the most experienced eye clinic, not just in Auckland or New Zealand, but in the whole of Australasia.

Eye Institute – Auckland’s premier eye clinic

Now, with a total of ten highly experienced and world-renowned ophthalmologists and 50 dedicated staff, Eye Institute is bigger and better than ever. With the latest technology, most experienced surgeons and world class facilities and care, Eye Institute is undoubtedly Auckland’s premier eye clinic.

In recent years, Eye Institute has also opened several more clinics throughout Auckland, including Eye Institute North Shore, Eye Institute New Lynn and Eye Institute South in Manukau. These satellite clinics make it easy for many patients to get first class eye care, without having to travel to the Central Auckland Eye Institute clinic in Remuera.

Eye Institute’s vision for the future

Eye Institute was founded on a desire to bring patients in Auckland and throughout New Zealand the latest and very best vision correction technology and techniques. We’ve now led the field in eye surgery for nearly two decades, and intend to continue innovating and investing in the latest technology well into the next decade, and beyond.

Certified by the DAA Group Ltd, for excellent standards in quality of patient care, something we value highly.

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