Why Eye Institute for eye surgery in Auckland?
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Why Eye Institute?

Our Mission: Outstanding experiences all the way. We make it so.

Our Purpose: Leaders in Ophthalmology

Our Vision: To make an astonishing difference. To give people a quality of life that they thought they could never have. We restore a person’s most critical sense, and thereby their independence.

Our Strategy: To continue to invest in excellence while aligning practices, systems and processes in order to build resilience and cement value into the Business/Brand so that Eye Institute can continue to operate as the clear market leader in the field through its delivery of outstanding customer experience.

Trust Eye Institute for your eye surgery in Auckland

DAA Group Quality Certified - Day-Stay Surgery and Procedures

When you choose Eye Institute in Auckland, you'll have the confidence of being cared for by highly experienced surgeons, access to state-of-the-art technologies, and outstanding quality of care.

As the first choice of many eye surgery patients in Auckland and throughout NZ, you know you can trust Eye Institute’s eye care. We’re one hundred percent dedicated to your health and wellbeing – before, during and after your eye surgery, which is why we are certified by the DAA Group Ltd for quality of patient care.

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Advanced technology, experienced surgeons

Whether you need laser eye surgery, cataract surgery, or any one of the corrective and cosmetic eye surgery procedures on offer at Eye Institute, you’ll benefit from the safety and effectiveness of the very latest vision correction technology, a world class eye clinic and our highly experienced eye doctors.

Satisfied eye surgery patients

Since Eye Institute first opened in 1995, we’ve successfully restored sight to a vast number of satisfied patients. Our experienced surgeons always strive to deliver outstanding results to every eye surgery patient.

Advanced laser eye surgery – even if you live outside Auckland

Even if you live out of town, you can still enjoy the benefits of iLASIK surgery in Auckland with Eye Institute. Our unique Travel Packages with complimentary accommodation mean you can still enjoy the benefits of the most advanced laser eye surgery, and excellence in surgical care.