Welcome to Eye Institute’s 14th Annual Scientific Conference!


Thank you for joining us for an exciting and informative day of valuable CPD points and engaging lectures.

We are also honoured to welcome our guest speaker for 2018, the renowned Professor Joanne Wood, who plans to share her latest research in Vision and Driving, as well as Vision and Academic Performance in Children.



As the day progresses, please find all the speakers presentations downloadable below as PDF files.

Welcome & Introduction of Guest Speaker  Dr. Adam Watson


Posterior Segment tumours & not tumours Dr. Peter Hadden

Neuro-opthalmic Emergencies – how not to miss one! Prof. Helen Danesh-Meyer

Central Serous Chorioretinopathy Dr. Narme Deva

Role of Vision in Driving Prof Joanne Wood

Panel discussion – Moderator: Dr Nick Mantell


Replacing, repairing and augmenting the malformed iris and outsize pupil Prof Charles McGhee

Options for improving Vision in patients with irregular Astigmatism Dr. Ben LaHood

Myopia control – simple treatment to reduce myopia progression and help co-management  Dr. Shanu Subbiah

Pterygium Surgery, Past and Present  Dr.Simon Dean

Panel Discussion – Moderator:  Dr. Shanu Subbiah


Vision and Academic performance in Children Prof Joanne Wood

Conjunctivochalasis – when to get flustered by folds and suspicious sagging  Dr. Adam Watson

Minimally invasive Glaucoma surgical options  Dr Divya Perumal

Smiling in Vienna  Dr Nick Mantell

Low Vision...Get in early!  Sandy Grant

Deep sclerectomy  Dr Divya Perumal

I’ve got a fat cornea – so what?  Dr Graham Reeves

Herpetic Eye Disease  Dr Jay Meyer