Contact lens problems - symptoms, causes & treatments
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Contact Lens Problems

Contact lens problems range from mild irritation and discomfort, to serious and potentially sight-threatening infections.

Lots of people who wear contact lenses suffer from contact lens problems. Contact lens irritation and discomfort are relatively common, but thankfully are easily dealt with. However, there are some more serious contact lens problems that require expert medical attention.

Contact lens irritation symptoms

If your eyes are frequently red, sore or swollen after wearing contact lenses, you probably suffer from contact lens irritation. Contact lens irritation can also cause dry eyes, blurred vision, and a constant feeling that there is something in your eye.

Causes of contact lens problems

Improper care or use of contact lenses

Soft contact lenses are particularly delicate, and should be cared for as recommended by the manufacturer. Failing to clean your lenses properly, letting them dry out, or not washing your hands before inserting them can all result in contact lens discomfort and irritation. Allowing make-up, perfume and hair products to come into contact lenses can also cause problems. Contact lenses should also never be lent to anyone else, as they can carry bacteria.

Wearing contact lenses for too long

There are many different types of contact lens, from those that are designed to be worn for a few hours, to brands that can safely be worn overnight. Wearing your contact lenses for longer than recommended can cause irritation and discomfort. Wearing contact lenses that are worn out or past their use-by date can also cause problems, including infections from bacteria. Always replace your contact lenses as soon as recommended by the manufacturer or your eye doctor.

Eye infections from contact lenses

Eye infections caused by the bacteria on contact lenses can potentially be quite serious. If left untreated, an eye infection could be sight-threatening, so it’s important to see an eye doctor as soon as possible if you think you ay have an eye infection.

Preventing and treating contact lens problems

Thankfully, there are plenty of things you can do to avoid contact lens irritation and discomfort. Caring for your contact lenses and using them properly will help to avoid many problems, including infection.

A change in the type of contact lenses, or getting your prescription updated, may also help to relieve contact lens irritation. You could also consider laser eye surgery as a permanent solution to contact lens discomfort.

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