All about the eye
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All About The Eye

Your eyes are unique to you, and completely irreplaceable, so it pays to look after them. In this section, you’ll find out all about the eye. You’ll also discover tips on how to look after your eyes, like how to use eye drops safely.

Anatomy of the eye

The eye is made up of many different parts that work together in unison. Our clear diagrams will show you the anatomy of the eye, and explain what each part does.

How the eye works

The eye works much like a camera does, to capture images from the world around you. Learn exactly how the eye works here.

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(about normal vision)

Dictionary of eye terms

Eye surgeons use a variety of scientific terms to describe eye functions and surgical procedures. Learn what they mean with our dictionary of eye terms.

How to use eye drops

Many people are nervous about using eye drops, but it’s easy when you know how. Our simple guide to using eye drops explains the safest and easiest way.