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There has never been a better time to choose visual freedom! 

At Eye Institute, we understand that your eyes are as unique as you. Which is why all our laser surgeries are individually customised, effective and incredibly safe - so you can be certain to get the best visual outcome for your eyes.  Our immaculate, state-of-the- art facility, offers a world class suite of the most advanced laser surgery options, including LASIK, SMILE® and PRK. 

As the first specialists to introduce Laser Eye Surgery to New Zealand in 1992, we have since changed the lives of thousands of people and continue to lead the way in vision correction. With our high level of expertise and dedication to quality, you can expect to receive premium care every step of the way. 

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Come and meet the Visionaries, and take the first step towards changing the way you see the world.   

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What is Laser Eye Surgery?

A way to live life without the hassle and restrictions of glasses or contacts.

Laser eye surgery, also called laser vision correction, is eye surgery that involves the use of a laser to change the shape of the surface of your eye (the cornea) to remove any focusing error, just like wearing a pair of glasses or contact lenses.

What are the different types of laser eye surgery?


LASIK is a precision laser procedure which is 100% blade free and can restore vision for people who suffer from myopia, hypermetropia and astigmatism.

The procedure takes 10-15 minutes and the recovery is extremely quick.

Thanks to LASIK, over 30 million people worldwide are now experiencing life without glasses or contact lenses.

Due to its success, it continues to be one of the most frequently performed, elective surgeries in the world.


SMILE is an advanced, minimally invasive and flapless procedure. The procedure is performed with a femtosecond laser and is 100% blade-free.

This keyhole technique allows rapid recovery and visual freedom for people suffering from myopia and astigmatism. The procedure takes 10-15 minutes long and visual recovery is rapid.

SMILE is the most significant advancement in laser eye surgery in the last decade and we are pleased to be able to offer it to our patients.


PRK is a laser procedure using only an excimer laser to reshape the cornea. Unlike LASIK where a flap is created, PRK instead gently removes the surface cells, exposing the layer underneath allowing this to be re-shaped and corrected.

If your eyes are not well suited to LASIK or SMILE due to thin corneas or previous refractive surgery, then PRK is the preferable option.

This procedure allows you to still experience the freedom that comes with vision correction.

New season, new eyesight.

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Thinking about Laser Eye Surgery?

There has never been a better time to choose visual freedom.

At Eye Institute, we understand that your eyes are as unique as you. Therefore, we offer a world class suite of laser vision options that include LASIK, SMILE and smart surface laser (PRK)

All of our treatments are customised to the individual, effective and incredibly safe, so you can be assured to gain the best visual outcome possible.

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Pricing For Laser Eye Surgery

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The cost of many eye surgery procedures, including Laser Eye Surgery, can be financed with an easy payment plan available from Gem Visa that could help you spread the cost of your Laser Vision Correction across 18 months.

*Terms and Conditions: Normal credit and lending criteria and fees, including a Gem Visa $55 establishment fee and annual fees ($52 Gem Visa / $50 Gem CreditLine), apply. Paying only the minimum monthly repayment of 3% of the outstanding monthly balance or $20 (whichever is more), will not be sufficient to repay the purchase amount(s) within the promotional period. Amount payable will be shown on your monthly statement. Prevailing interest rate (currently Gem Visa 25.99% p.a./ Gem CreditLine 29.95% p.a.) applies to any remaining balance on the expiry of the interest free period. Gem Visa / Gem CreditLine is provided by Latitude Financial Services Limited.




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