Eye Surgeon Dr Peter Hadden
Eye Surgeon Dr Peter Hadden
Eye Surgeon Dr Peter Hadden
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Dr Peter Hadden

Specialist Eye Surgeon


About Dr Peter Hadden

Dr Peter Hadden is a Refractive-Cataract Surgery and Retinal Surgery Specialist.

His patients come from happy word-of-mouth recommendations and direct referrals from eye care professionals. Patients, optometrists, GPs and even other ophthalmologists trust Dr Hadden’s solid reputation for leading edge microsurgery, his passion for excellence and ability to communicate well. His patients come from all over New Zealand and the South Pacific.

Dr Hadden's specific international training also means that many patients who have problems during cataract surgery are referred to him.

He obtained the top prize for the final year of medical school training, the Ardagh Memorial Prize, and was also awarded the top prize (the Cedric Cohen Medal) in the Part I Ophthalmology examination out of all candidates throughout both Australia and New Zealand.

Dr Hadden is an approved provider for cataract and retinal surgery with all health insurance companies in NZ. He is an affiliated provider with Southern Cross for cataract surgery, which means we do all the paperwork.

Overview of Dr Hadden’s Achievements (click to expand)

Specialist in:

  • Refractive-Cataract Surgery
  • Retinal Surgery
  • Eye Cancers


  • University of Otago Medical School
  • One year full-time Fellowship training in Cataract, Vitreoretinal surgery and Diseases of the retina in Perth, Australia with Professor Ian Constable, Order of Australia
  • One year full-time Fellowship training in Vitreoretinal surgery and Diseases of the retina in Glasgow, Scotland (Scotland's largest vitreo-retinal surgery centre)
  • Six month full-time Fellowship training in Eye Tumours in Liverpool, England. Professor Bertil Damato mentor (The largest number of adult eye tumours in the UK are referred here)
  • Six month Research Fellow, Wills Eye Hospital, Philadelphia, USA (The largest Eye Hospital in the USA)

Positions held:

  • Clinical Senior Lecturer in Ophthalmology - University of Auckland
  • Consultant Ophthalmologist - Auckland District Health Board
  • Visiting lecturer at the Part II Royal Australian & New Zealand College of Ophthalmologists annual course
  • Examiner - Royal Australian & New Zealand College of Ophthalmologists
  • Dr Hadden is an executive board member of the New Zealand Branch of the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Ophthalmologists and Ophthalmology New Zealand. He is also a member of the Health Practitioners’ Disciplinary Tribunal.
  • Eye Surgeon - Eye Institute

Associations & memberships:

  • Fellow – Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Ophthalmologists

Dr Hadden’s training & experience

The UK, USA and Australian subspecialty training of Dr Peter Hadden's, as well as his ongoing professional development, has meant that Eye Institute is now able to offer the latest surgical techniques to treat conditions that, less than ten years ago, were irreversibly blinding.

Clinical Senior Lecturer in Ophthalmology - University of AucklandDr Hadden is a Clinical Senior Lecturer in Ophthalmology (University of Auckland) and a Consultant Ophthalmologist at Auckland District Health Board, training junior Ophthalmologists and other eye care professionals every week in cataract and retinal surgery. He is helping to train the only junior doctor in New Zealand to learn how to do what Dr Hadden does, at Greenlane Clinical Centre.

Dr Hadden is involved in several research programmes both in Auckland and with international collaborators, and has published more than 6 papers in Peer Reviewed Scientific Literature. He has also presented many dozens of lectures to colleagues, trainees and optometrists, including presentations at international meetings in the United Kingdom and Australia. He is also participating in two Multinational Treatment Studies.

Dr Hadden has completed accredited training to use the most advanced technologies to help his patients achieve their best vision, often with minimal need for glasses after successful surgery.

This technology includes: (click to expand)

  • Astigmatism correcting intra-ocular lenses (“Toric IOLs”): AcrySof Toric IOL, Rayner Toric IOL, STAAR Toric IOL
  • Multifocal intra-ocular lenses: ReSTOR IOL, Tecnis Multifocal IOL, ReZOOM IOL. These Multifocal IOLs enable most patients to read and drive without glasses, although they are not suitable for all patients
  • Advanced eye measurements (biometry) to maximize the accuracy of the intra-ocular lens selection using “Immersion Ultrasound”, the “IOL Master” and corneal topography provide amazing accuracy of each patient’s own eye measurements
  • Advanced IOL power calculation software: “Holladay IOL Consultant”, Haigis, Holladay-2, Hoffer-Q, SRK-T
  • Previous laser vision correction (LASIK or PRK). Patients who have cataracts and had previous refractive surgery require very careful calculations and special techniques that take their past laser surgery into account. Eye Institute offers the most up-to-date instruments and techniques available in New Zealand.

Dr Hadden’s specialisms

  • Refractive-Cataract Surgery
    Patients like the ease of Dr Hadden’s Refractive-Cataract Surgery procedure and the rapid return of vision, thanks to special techniques that Dr Hadden routinely uses:
    • No needle anaesthesia (safe for patients on aspirin and warfarin)
    • No pain (numbing anaesthetic gel)
    • No sutures (“key-hole” small incision surgery)
    • No eye patch (useful vision through a clear protective shield returns in minutes)
    • No worries - sedation provided by a specialist anaesthetist, if you desire
    Refractive-Cataract Surgery refers to the latest advances in cataract surgery, where Dr Hadden uses special techniques and technologies to help each patient regain improved vision and greater freedom from glasses.
  • Retinal Surgery
    Vitreoretinal surgery is the most intricate and demanding area in eye surgery - the vitreoretinal surgeon is the person most other eye surgeons ask for to deal with complications arising from cataract surgery. Dr Hadden is one of only around a dozen surgeons in the whole of New Zealand who have had training in this area. Conditions treated with vitreoretinal techniques include: Dr Hadden’s vitreoretinal training and ongoing international collaboration allows his patients to have this procedure, previously done using heavy general anaesthesia and requiring a long stay in hospital, with much more comfort and much faster recovery.

    Dr Hadden was among the first in New Zealand to use the revolutionary 23 and 25 gauge vitrectomy systems, which allows microsurgery techniques, meaning no pain, no sutures, and a much faster recovery time.
  • Eye Cancers
    Dr Hadden is also the only person in the North Island with subspecialty training in the management of adult cancers of the eye, and is employed by Auckland District Health Board as the tertiary referral specialist in this area.

Dr Hadden's Team

Dr Hadden's Team
Dr Hadden & his team

Dr Hadden's team includes Anne-Marie and Kathryn, his secretaries, Linda, an ophthalmic technician, Jennifer, an orthoptist trained in England as well as Louise and Andrew, both therapeutically qualified optometrists who graduated from the University of Auckland. Our team has experience and expertise in helping patients achieve the best possible vision after refractive-cataract and vitreoretinal surgery.

Dr Hadden’s family & personal interests

Dr Hadden's TeamDr Hadden is married to Andrea, a physiotherapist, mum, wife and his best friend. They have 5 kids = all energy and no down time!


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