Auckland Eye Institute - Optometry Education Programme
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Eye Institute Education Programme

Eye Institute is dedicated to the highest standards of ophthalmic eyecare and surgery and to assisting colleagues with their own continuing education.

Eye Institute offers many forms of education and professional development for optometrists, with the aim of helping you to increase your knowledge, expand your services and differentiate your practice. Eye Institute is pleased to remind you of the following education opportunities available to you:

  1. Eye Institute Annual One Day Scientific Conference. This is an annual full-day conference normally scheduled for the first Sunday in November. This conference focuses on numerous rapid-fire lectures applying evidence-based medicine to everyday optometry practice. Lectures are from an invited keynote speaker and Eye Institute's experienced surgeons.

  2. Eye Institute Evening Seminars. These evening seminars are designed to pack as much useful educational material as possible into a convivial evening meeting.

  3. Clinic Visits: Join a surgeon to sit in on their clinics and gain valuable insights into clinical decision making, and have the opportunity to see a wide variety of eye problems. This can be with the surgeon of your choice or we can suggest a surgeon to observe based on your area/s of interest.

  4. Email Case Studies: Regular email case studies from Eye Institute on interesting and informative cases, recent research or papers of interest. These will be emailed to Optometrists on the programme directly.

  5. Small-Group Education Events: Regular small group meetings focus in depth on clinical care, diagnostic techniques with new technology, and have opportunities for hands-on experience whenever possible.

  6. Mentored Optometry Peer-Review Meetings. Optometrists present their own cases to a group of their peers, with advice and mentoring from the ophthalmologist/s. These meetings can also be attended from anywhere via a live internet link that the Eye Institute can assist you to set up on request.

All except the email case studies are eligible for CPD and/or Clinical Diagnosis points.

To find out more about any of the above educational opportunities ring 0800 393 527 or email .

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