With the computerised laser machine, the incisions in the cornea are made automatically.

NZ Herald: Laser used for surgery on cataracts

Laser energy has begun to supplant the surgeon’s scalpel in New Zealand during operations to replace cloudy lenses in the eyes – cataracts.

Eye specialists say this is a major advance in a common type of surgery. Read more

Laser-Cataract Suite at Eye Institute.

Laser-Cataract Surgery: Eye Institute’s early experience

Many of Eye Institute’s patients undergoing cataract surgery have now enjoyed the benefits of NZ’s first laser-cataract procedure, utilising the LenSx femtosecond laser suite. Since its installation in Eye Institute’s specially designed laser-cataract suite, the LenSx femtosecond laser has been used by seven of Eye Institute’s cataract surgeons. Read more

Dr Adam Watson with Ahmed Kadwa, clinical applications specialist (Asia-Pacific), AMO detailing the iDesign

iDesign: 5-in-1 machine will drive better patient refractive outcomes

Modern laser vision correction incorporates measurement of higher order aberrations in the optical pathway, so that treatments can be optimised to consistently achieve outcomes ‘better than 20/20’. Now Abbott Medical Optics has brought to the market a machine that will collect five different measurements with the push of one button. Read more

Luuka Jones

Luuka Jones in Olympic Semis (sponsored by Eye Institute)

Luuka had laser vision correction through Eye Institute in March 2012, to help get her edge back in competition.

From the Wairoa River to the London Olympic Course, New Zealand representative K1 slalom kayaker, Luuka Jones has just made it into the Olympic semi-finals of her event by the skin of her teeth. Her first run was undoubtedly her best, scoring 109.23, pulling her into 15th place in the top 15. Read more

Luuka Jones

Luuka Jones update – sponsored by Eye Institute

Eye Institute are proud to be one of Luuka Jones’ sponsors for her 2012 Canoe Slalom adventures. Luuka used to wear contact lenses, but realised she needed reliable vision for the major events. Luuka has now joined the ranks of other well known sports men and women who have had laser vision correction through Eye Insitute.

With the London Olympics less than a month away, Luuka Jones is still reeling from her semi-finals loss at the purpose-built Canoe Slalom course for the Cardiff World Cup. Read more

Luuka Jones

Luuka Jones’ new eyes are seeing well…

Up until March of this year, London Olympian, Luuka Jones competed with her eyes closed – not a superstitious habit but rather one borne out of a fear of losing a contact lens mid-competition.

In March though, everything changed when Luuka sought help at Eye Institute in Auckland to give her back the vision she’d long since had and return her edge in competition. Read more

The LenSx machine for Laser-Cataract Surgery

First NZ femtosecond laser-assisted cataract surgery: Open-Access Laser

For a decade, femtosecond lasers have been helping surgeons perform LASIK laser vision correction with unparalleled precision and safety. Now femtosecond laser technology has been designed to revolutionise several key steps in the cataract procedure, allowing surgeons to deliver the benefits of markedly improved precision, reproducibility and control for cataract patients. Read more

The LenSx machine arriving...

New LenSx Laser for Eye Institute

Eye Institute Remuera is all abuzz today (May 16th) as the newest addition to our theatre has finally arrived.

The LenSx femtosecond laser is the newest technological advance to happen to cataract surgery since the ‘no-stitch’ method was pioneered and Eye Institute are the first and only clinic in the country to offer this procedure to New Zealand patients. Read more

Dr Nick Mantell

Ophthalmologist experiences iLASIK

Dr Nick Mantell from Eye Institute is the first ophthalmologist in New Zealand to undergo iLASIK and experience exactly what he explains to patients in his day-to-day practice as a refractive surgeon.

After considering refractive laser surgery for the last five years Dr Mantell finally took the plunge and couldn’t be happier. Read more

Study done by US Navy comparing Wave Front Guided LASIK versus Wave Front Guided PRK

U.S. Navy study finds equivalent safety and effectiveness outcomes at 12 months, but faster healing time with laser-cut LASIK flaps.

After one year, patients had equivalent quality of vision with minimal negative outcomes whether they had their vision corrected with wavefront-guided LASIK or wavefront-guided PRK, a study in U.S. Naval personnel found. Read more