What is laser eye surgery?
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LASIK is a great choice for vision correction

If you’re one of thousands of New Zealanders who suffer from nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism, you’ll know the impact a vision imperfection can have on your life.

Glasses and contacts can be irritating to wear, easily lost or damaged, and prevent you from doing the things you love. Playing sports, swimming, driving a car, pursuing a career in the police, armed forces or aviation industry – they can all become more difficult, if not impossible, when you wear glasses or contacts.

LASIK surgery is trusted by millions

When you choose LASIK vision correction, you’ll be joining millions of people who have waved goodbye to the hassle and restrictions of glasses and contacts for good.

  • LASIK is the most popular elective procedure in the world.
  • Over 32 million people worldwide owe their clear vision to LASIK.
  • LASIK has been successfully used to correct vision since 1991.
  • Both NASA and the US military now approve the advanced LASIK offered at Eye Institute (called iLASIK) for their top personnel

LASIK is fast, safe and virtually painless

It’s natural to be a little scared of a medical procedure that involves your eyes. But with LASIK, there’s no need to be afraid. It’s one of the safest and most reliable procedures in the world – perfected over generations.

  • The LASIK operation takes just a few seconds to correct each eye.
  • LASIK at Eye Institute is 100% blade free, and virtually painless.
  • Eye Institute uses the most advanced LASIK technology in the world.
  • LASIK is one of the most precise medical procedures performed today.
  • LASIK has been subjected to rigorous safety testing over many years.
  • LASIK operations have an exceptional track record of safety and success

iLASIK takes LASIK to a new level

Not all LASIK procedures are the same. Different clinics use different technologies for the creation of the corneal flap, and the vision correction components of the LASIK procedure.

But there is one LASIK procedure that is trusted by the US military and NASA for military pilots and astronauts, who demand the clearest, most precise vision possible – iLASIK.

With iLASIK, laser eye surgery has never been safer. iLASIK combines two of the most advanced LASIK lasers to offer precision, safety and results that are superior in every way.

Find out now why you should insist on iLASIK for your LASIK surgery.

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Laser Assessment Terms and Conditions:

Patients are eligible for the initial free laser assessment on condition that they have no history of previous eye surgery (including previous laser surgery).

The initial free laser assessment is only available to patients whom are seeking laser vision correction and is not applicable to any other treatment type.


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