LASIK eye surgery in Wellington, Hamilton, Christchurch
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Looking for LASIK eye surgery in Wellington, Hamilton or Christchurch?

Now you can enjoy the benefits of iLASIK at Eye Institute, even if you live outside Auckland.

Whether you’re looking for LASIK eye surgery in Hamilton, Wellington, Christchurch or anywhere else in New Zealand, you can still enjoy all the benefits Eye Institute has to offer. Also, if you are in Tauranga, New Plymouth or Palmerston North check out our Out of Town Assessments page for free appointments in your home town.

Our unique travel packages are ideal if you’re looking for LASIK eye surgery, but you live outside of Auckland. Now, no matter where you live, you can still enjoy the benefits of the world’s most advanced LASIK eye surgery at Eye Institute.

iLASIK Travel Packages include:

  • Fast track LASIK eye surgery - spend just one night in Auckland
  • Overnight accommodation in a comfortable nearby lodge
  • Post-operative care provided by your local optometrist

iLASIK Travel Package itinerary

On the morning of your arrival in Auckland, you’ll meet your iLASIK surgeon and have your laser eye surgery assessment. We’ll take the precise measurements needed to custom-fit your LASIK eye surgery, and you’ll have a chance to ask questions and talk through any concerns you have with your iLASIK surgeon.

In the afternoon of your first day in Auckland, you’ll have your iLASIK treatment . The treatment takes only a few minutes, but you’ll be in the clinic for an hour or two, which allows time for all the pre-operative preparations and post-operative checks to take place.

That evening, you’ll spend the night in a comfortable nearby lodge, and your accommodation will be paid for by Eye Institute (although you will need to provide your own meals).

The following morning, you’ll come into the clinic again for your 1-day post-operative check up, after which you’re free to return home.

Your 1 week, 1 month and 3 month check ups are provided by your own local optometrist and Eye Institute will arrange all this for you.

What if I can’t make it to Auckland until later in the day?

In that case, we can spread your assessment, treatment and check up over three days instead of two, and you are welcome to stay for two nights instead of just one.

iLASIK Travel Package costs

The cost of your iLASIK Travel Package is no different from the cost of iLASIK for those living in Auckland. We feel strongly that the benefits of the iLASIK procedure should be available to everyone, and you shouldn’t be limited in your choices just because of where you live. Please see our laser eye surgery costs page for details of the price of iLASIK.

You’ll need to cover the cost of your travel to and from Auckland, and any living expenses you incur while you are here, but your surgery and accommodation are both covered by the normal price of iLASIK. Your post operative care will need to be arranged with your local optometrist.

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Laser Assessment Terms and Conditions:

Patients are eligible for the initial free laser assessment on condition that they have no history of previous eye surgery (including previous laser surgery).

The initial free laser assessment is only available to patients whom are seeking laser vision correction and is not applicable to any other treatment type.

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