Free, no obligation LASIK eye assessment
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Smile! With a FREE LASIK eye assessment

Want something to smile about? How about a FREE, no-obligation initial LASIK eye assessment? Find out now if you can have laser eye surgery, and give yourself even more reason to smile.

Take the first step towards clearer vision, and a life free from glasses and contact lenses. Book your free, no obligation iLASIK suitability assessment at Eye Institute today. Terms and Conditions apply. Fill in the form below or call 0800 99 2020 now.

iLASIK assessments are available during working hours Monday to Friday, plus Saturday mornings, and Tuesday and Wednesday evenings. Don't forget to let us know your preferred date and time.

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What’s involved in a LASIK eye assessment?

Your LASIK eye assessment should take no more than an hour. At your assessment, an experienced technician will painlessly measure your eyes.

All you need to do is look into a series of machines – nothing and no-one will touch or hurt your eyes in any way, so there really is nothing to worry about, even if you’re a bit squeamish.

We’ll take all the measurements we need to determine whether you’re a suitable candidate for iLASIK, or another vision correction procedure. We use the world’s most advanced and totally non-invasive measurement tools to measure and record:

  • Your glasses prescription
  • The thickness of your cornea
  • The unique ‘fingerprint’ of your eye

Afterwards, you’ll have a chance to talk to an experienced technician, and, if you choose, a LASIK surgeon, who will be able to answer any of your questions and concerns.

Click here to follow a patient through the assessment process, and on through to the eye surgery.

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Laser Assessment Terms and Conditions:

Patients are eligible for the initial free laser assessment on condition that they have no history of previous eye surgery (including previous laser surgery).

The initial free laser assessment is only available to patients whom are seeking laser vision correction and is not applicable to any other treatment type.

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