Cataract & other eye surgery
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Cataract, Laser Cataract & Other Eye Surgery

With surgeons specialising in cataract surgery and all types of corrective and cosmetic eye surgery, you know you’ll be in safe hands at Eye Institute’s dedicated eye surgery clinic in Auckland.

The advanced surgical techniques pioneered by our cataract surgeons , together with the high standards of care, cleanliness and comfort you’ll enjoy at our first class facilities, will ensure you can relax before, during and after your eye surgery, and enjoy a faster recovery.

Pioneering no-stitch Cataract Surgery

You could go home as soon as one hour after your cataract operation, thanks to Eye Institute’s pioneering ‘no-stitch’ cataract surgery technique. In a no-stitch cataract operation, the cataract is removed through a very small, self-healing hole. This innovative method makes cataract surgery safer, and means you benefit from clearer vision sooner, with dramatically reduced recovery time.

Glaucoma, pterygium, pinguecula & other eye surgery

Eye Institute’s experienced surgeons have successfully performed eye surgery on many satisfied patients. Whether you need glaucoma treatment, pterygium surgery, pinguecula treatment, or any of the eye surgery procedures Eye Institute specialises in, you can be confident you'll be seen by a specialist surgeon, who is highly trained and experienced in that particular area.

How much does eye surgery at Eye Institute cost?

With some of the most competitive eye surgery costs in the country, your corrective or cosmetic eye surgery could cost less than you think. Plus, you can spread the cost of your eye surgery with a convenient payment plan.