“Within 15 minutes I can change people’s lives forever.” - Dr Trevor Gray

Dr Trevor Gray is a Refractive-Cataract Surgery and Corneal Surgery (pterygium & corneal transplant) Specialist.

Enthusiastic word-of-mouth recommendations and direct referrals from eye care professionals are the foundation of Dr Trevor Gray's busy Cataract and Corneal Surgery practice. Patients, Optometrist and GP referrers trust Dr Gray’s reputation for leading-edge microsurgery, his passion for excellence and his peerless communication skills.

Dr Gray is an approved provider for cataract and corneal surgery with all health insurance companies in NZ.

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Dr Gray’s specialisations:

Refractive-Cataract Surgery
  • No needle anaesthesia (safe for patients on aspirin and warfarin) No pain (numbing anaesthetic gel)
  • No sutures (“key-hole” small incision surgery)
  • No eye patch (useful vision through a clear protective shield returns in minutes) No worries - sedation provided by a specialist anaesthetist, if you  desire

Refractive-Cataract Surgery refers to the latest advances in cataract surgery, where Dr Gray uses special techniques and technologies to help each patient regain improved vision and greater freedom from glasses.

Corneal Surgery
  • Corneal graft surgery including partial thickness DALK and DSAEK techniques
  • Excimer and femtosecond laser surgical techniques .
Implantable Contact Lenses

Implantable Contact Lenses (ICLs) are a procedure that offers better quality of vision and lower risk than Custom LASIK for patients who have thinner than normal corneas and high degree of near-sightedness.

LASIK, PRK & Refractive Lens Exchange

Aside from being an experienced LASIK eye doctor, Dr Gray is also an expert in PRK, refractive lens exchange, and many others.

More info about Dr Gray

Training and Principal Qualifications:
  • USA Fellowship trained in Laser & Corneal Surgery
  • UK Fellowship trained in Laser & Corneal Surgery
  • iLASIK certified surgeon
Positions held:
  • Vision Correction Specialist & Director – Eye Institute
  • Clinical Senior Lecturer in Ophthalmology – University of Auckland
  • Visiting Consultant Ophthalmologist – Auckland City Hospital
Associations & memberships:
  • Past President – Cornea and Contact Lens Society of NZ
  • Member – International Society of Refractive Surgeons
  • Member – American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons
  • Fellow – Royal Australian and NZ College of Ophthalmologists
  • Inaugural Member - Australasian Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons
  • Inaugural Member – International Ocular Surface Society
  • Previous International Council Rep. for NZ – International Society of Refractive Surgeons

Dr. Gray has received unique, dual Cataract & Cornea Fellowship training at both Moorfields Eye Hospital London and Bascom Palmer Eye Institute Miami, making him one of the most highly trained eye surgeons in New Zealand.

Dr. Gray is Clinical Senior Lecturer in Ophthalmology(University of Auckland) where he lectures on Refractive-Cataract Surgery and other aspects of modern eye surgery. He has been a Consultant Ophthalmologist at Auckland Hospital Eye Department since 1997 where he trains junior Ophthalmologists and other eye care professionals every week.

Dr. Gray has completed accredited training to use the most advanced technologies to help his patients achieve their best vision, often with minimal need for glasses after successful surgery.

Dr Gray, after hours...

Dr Gray is married to Caroline, a Breast Physician and magical juggler of kids, dog, home, profession and obsessive compulsive husband.

He has two “cool kids” (now young adults) who love guitar, Kiwi music, surfing and skiing. Trevor tries to keep up with the kids surfing, skiing, sea kayaking and golfing… but is slowly losing ground to the younger generation!

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